Annual Postgraduate Study Day 2023

11 March 2023 (Online)

Call for papers – Conflict and Opposition

Download the CfP as a pdf in English or as a pdf in French.

Call for Papers

Conflict and opposition are omnipresent social phenomena. People’s lives are shaped by these forces, but people also actively participate in their propagation, resolution, and memorialisation. Cultural representations can reflect conflictual processes; their authors – who might be literary, cinematic, journalistic, or artistic – are also agents involved in generative acts which contribute to the continuation or reconciliation of conflicts. This Postgraduate Study Day is dedicated to the exploration and deconstruction of ideas of conflict and opposition in the spaces and temporalities of the French and Francophone world. The Study Day is interdisciplinary and invites different approaches and perspectives to explore the various contours, avenues, expressions of conflicts and oppositions that have participated in shaping the French and the Francophone world, for instance in Language, History, Literature, and Images.

We are delighted to invite all Postgraduate students in French and Francophone Studies to submit abstracts of no more than 250 words, in either English or French. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, contemporary or historical studies on the following:

  • Physical violence
  • Emotions and Trauma
  • War, soldiers
  • Ideological conflict
  • Religious conflict
  • Economic conflict
  • Social and class tensions
  • Environmental conflicts
  • Protest and resistance
  • Local versus national
  • Interactions between communities
  • Generational conflict
  • Race and racism
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Spaces and places
  • Colonialism and empire
  • Performative power and symbolic violence
  • Arts and culture (cultural representations or manifestations)
  • Polemic
  • Format/media (digital, oral, printed)
  • Translations
  • Realities and imaginaries
  • Global perspectives on Francophone conflict/Francophone perspectives on global conflicts
  • Memories of conflict/conflicted memories
  • Post-conflict conciliation

Abstracts should be sent to [email protected]. Submissions should be received by 23 December 2022.

Call for Flash Presentations

Share your voice! We also welcome proposals from MA and PhD students to explain their research in three minutes, limited to one PowerPoint slide OR one creative method of their choice. Presentations on any topic connected to French and Francophone studies and histories are welcome. Please email [email protected] to express your interest.

The Study Day will include professional development panels and an opportunity to engage with senior academics from other institutions. It is generously funded by the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France (ASMCF) and the Society for the Study of French History (SSFH). Attendance is free but all attendees are kindly requested to become members of one of the societies on or before the day via one of their websites. We will endeavour to ensure that the virtual conference is fully accessible, and we are very happy to discuss particular requirements that participants might have and how we can best accommodate these.

Organising Committee: Owen Coughlan (Oxford, SSFH), Sophie Dubillot (Open University, ASMCF), Cécile Guigui (QMUL, ASMCF), and Aoife Miralles (Oxford, SSFH)

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