Annual Postgraduate Study Day 2023

11 March 2023 (Online)

Conflict and Opposition

Download the CfP as a pdf in English or as a pdf in French.

You can find the programme for the day here: Study Day Programme

You can register for the event here: Study Day Registration


9.00 a.m. – Welcome

9.15 a.m. – Keynote 1 (chair: Sophie Dubillot)
Dr Ludivine Broch (Westminster), ‘Emotions in Post-War France: The Question of Gratitude in the Aftermath of Conflict’

10.20 a.m. – Perceiving Conflict/Conflict(ing) Perceptions (chair: Aoife Miralles)
Hadley Beeken (ULIP), ‘Métro(ing) into the Underland: A Subterranean Arena of Conflict between Uniformity and Resistance’
Julia Thomaz (Nanterre), ‘Poésie sous le feu: What French Poetry did to the First World War, What the First World War did to French Poetry’
Sophie Ellis (Newcastle), ‘Conflicting Hospitality in Bruno Boudjelal Hôtels Réunis (2006)’
Ryan Montgomery (Cambridge), ‘Que cesse cette hécatombe’: Seeing through Seropositivity in Lionel Soukaz’s Journal Annales’

11.40 a.m. – Break

11.50 a.m. – Material Technologies: Emotions and Oppositions (chair: Cécile Guigui)
Leon Hughes (Trinity College Dublin), ‘“C’est un superbe végétal qu’un arbre”: Human-Nonhuman Interactions and Oppositions in the French Revolution, 1789-1799’
Sophie Dubillot (Open University), ‘The Allied Presence in France through the Lens of Cartoons (1944-1946)’
Lauren McShane (Queen’s University Belfast), ‘Graphic Violence: Navigating Family Conflict using Rodéric Valambois’ Mal de Mère’

12.50 p.m. – Lunch

1.45 p.m. – Keynote 2 (chair: Owen Coughlan)
Dr Imen Neffati (Oxford), ‘Charlie Hebdo, A Product of May 68, A Symptom of Neoliberalism(?)’

2.50 p.m. – Words as Conflict, Conflict in Words (chair: Cécile Guigui)
Kate Ferry-Swainson (Royal Holloway), ‘Children’s Socks: Torture, Atrocity and the Young in Charlotte Delbo’s Language of the Holocaust and the Algerian War’
Laureline Goetz (Nanterre), ‘Oppression masculine et libération féministe: les rapports inter-genres sont-ils nécessairement conflictuels?’
Phoebe Lowry (Open University), ‘Opposing the Idea of the Standard: Nonstandard Features in the Speech of Young French Speakers of Maghrebi Origin’

3.50 p.m. – Break

4.00 p.m. – Coloniality and Liberation in the Twentieth Century (chair: Owen Coughlan)
Emilia Flack (Oxford), ‘“Without Distinction of Race”: Cross-Community Sociability, Female Militancy, and Frameworks of Emancipation in the Union des Femmes d’Algérie, 1944-1956’
Rebecca Turkington (Cambridge), ‘“Tunisiens nous sommes, tunisiens nous demandons à rester”: The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in Colonial Tunisia (1929-1939)’
Shirley Le Penne (Cornell), ‘Colonial Paranoia: French Carcerality Amidst the Algerian Struggle’

5.00 p.m. – Professional Development Panel: What is ‘Impact’? (chair: Aoife Miralles)
Professor Hanna Diamond (Cardiff) and Dr Andrew W.M. Smith (QMUL)

6.00 p.m. – Closing Remarks

7.00 p.m. – Apéro

Organising Committee: Owen Coughlan (Oxford, SSFH), Sophie Dubillot (Open University, ASMCF), Cécile Guigui (QMUL, ASMCF), and Aoife Miralles (Oxford, SSFH)

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