ASMCF 2017: WORK AND PLAY CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Bangor University, 7-9 September 2017

 DAY 1: Thursday 7 September

12:30-1:30pm Registration (Foyer, Main Arts Building)
1:30-1:45pm Welcome address (Main Arts Lecture Theatre)


1:45-3:15pm PETER MORRIS LECTURE (Main Arts Lecture Theatre)

Sarah Waters (University of Leeds)

Neo-liberalism and the Medicalisation of Work

3:15-3:30pm Coffee break

Refreshments will be available in Pritchard Jones Hall

3:30-5pm PARALLEL SESSION 1A: Movement, text and theory

Brenda Garvey (Chester): Exercices de style: Running with Jean Echenoz

Sam La Vedrine (Nottingham): Communities of désœuvrement: Pierre Joris’ Nomadic Poetics and the Work of the Clinamen

Luke Healey (Manchester): Barthes the Smark: Mythologies, Camera Lucida and the epistemology of professional wrestling

PARALLEL SESSION 1B: Labour, neo-liberalism and ideology

John Marks (Nottingham): La Novlangue managériale

Abigail Taylor (Aston): Macron’s Labour Market Policies – a negative step?

Benjamin Dalton (King’s College London): NSFW: Catherine Malabou and the Unemployable Brain


5.15-6.15pm Wine reception, kindly sponsored by Liverpool University Press

Pritchard Jones Hall

6.30-7.30pm Dinner (Terrace Conference Room 3)


DAY 2: Friday 8 September

9:00-10:30am PARALLEL SESSION 2A: Work, Play and Cinema

Martin O’Shaughnessy (Nottingham Trent): Sex tourism, Empowered Consumption, Emotional Labour: Laurent Cantet’s Vers le sud

Douglas Morrey (Warwick): From Playing at Work to the Work of Play: Olivier Assayas between Irma Vep (1996) and Sils-Maria (2014)

Jeremy Lane (Nottingham): Victims or Workers? Representing the Sans-Papiers within and outwith the Political Economy of Precarious Labour.


PARALLEL SESSION 2B: Work, Play and History (1)

Mason Norton (Edge Hill): The Moral Economy of the Réfractaires, 1942-44

Kirrily Freeman (St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada): The Work of Play: Framing Leisure as Labour in Vichy, Queen of Spas

10:30-10:45am Coffee break

Refreshments will be available in Pritchard Jones Hall

10:45-12:15 KEYNOTE ADDRESS (Main Arts Lecture Theatre)

Claude Boli (Musée National du Sport)

Sport et société en France depuis 1945

12:15-1:45pm Buffet lunch (Pritchard Jones Hall)
1:45-3:15pm PARALLEL SESSION 3A: Work and Play in the banlieues (1)

Christina Horvath (Bath): Boxer avec les mots: Les Multiples usages de la métaphore pugiliste dans le récit de banlieue contemporain

Isabelle Vanderschelden (Manchester Metropolitan): Working and Playing with Language in the Film Dialogue in the 21st Century banlieues”

PARALLEL SESSION 3B: Work, Play and History (2)

Stacey Davis (Evergreen State College): Old Age During the Early Third Republic

Martin Hurcombe (Bristol): Watching the Wheels Go Round: The (Counter-) Culture of Road Cycling and Communist Press Coverage


3:15-3:30pm Coffee break

Refreshments will be available in Pritchard Jones Hall

3:30-5:00pm PARALLEL SESSION 4A: Work and Play in the banlieues (2)

Gillian Jein (Bangor): Inventing Greater Paris: Visual Play and Violence in the banlieues
Timo Obergöker (Chester): Édouard Louis and Didier Eribon – Masculinities in La France périphérique

PARALLEL SESSION 4B: Experimentation

Susan Laxton (University of California Riverside): War on Work: French Surrealism, 1925-1929

Rebecca Starr (Leeds): Work and Play in the Art of Pierre Huyghe

Ting Chang (Nottingham): War and Play: Games and the Ideological Work of Empire in Nineteenth-Century France

5:00-6:00pm Annual General Meeting of the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France (Main Arts Lecture Theatre)

Please note that the AGM is only open to association members

6:00-6:30pm Fringe group meetings
7pm onwards Conference dinner, followed by twmpath dawnsio (traditional Welsh dancing)

(Reichel Hall, Ffriddoedd Site)

Wine at the conference dinner is kindly sponsored by Taylor and Francis




9:00-10:00am PARALLEL SESSION 5A: Work and play in literature (1)

Susannah Ellis (Bibliothèque Nationale de France): Virtually Work – Reading Digital Technologies

Kevin Kennedy (Paris III): Puerile Sovereignty: Childhood and Fiction in George Bataille’s Theory of Work and Play

PARALLEL SESSION 5B: Women, Work and Power-play

Maggie Allison (Bradford): Jeu de dames? Femmes sur la touche politico-médiatique en France

Jackie Clarke (Glasgow): Dirty Work, Clean Bodies: Gender, Everyday Life and Social Conflict in the Post-68 Factory


10:00-10:15 Coffee break

Refreshments will be available in Pritchard Jones Hall

10:15-11:30 KEYNOTE ADDRESS (Main Arts Lecture Theatre)

Helen Abbott (University of Birmingham)

A Poetry Playlist. From Baudelaire to the Modern World

11:30-1:00 PARALLEL SESSION 6A: Work, Play and Education

Dorothea Fronsman-Cecil (UCLA): Work, Play, Competition, and Capitalist Pedagogy in Nathalie Kuperman’s Nous étions des êtres vivants

Rebecca Rosenberg (King’s College London): False Independence: Women, Education and Work in Hizya (2015) by Maïssa Bey

Michelle Harrison (Leicester): Revitalising a Minorised Regional Language: The Impact of Formal and Informal Language Learning Initiatives on Attitudes and Practices in Alsace

1:00-2:00 Lunch and close of conference






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