About the journal Modern and Contemporary France

Founded in 1980 by the Association for the Study of Modern & Contemporary France, Modern & Contemporary France is an international peer-reviewed journal, offering a scholarly view of all aspects of France from 1789 to the present day.

It is a multi-disciplinary journal of French studies, drawing particularly, but not exclusively, on the work of scholars in history, literary and cultural studies, film and media studies, and the political and social sciences.

While the primary focus of the journal is France, the Editors also welcome submissions with a transnational or comparative dimension, as well as articles addressing aspects of the French Empire or France’s relations with the wider world.

Modern & Contemporary France publishes research articles, occasional articles discussing topical issues from a scholarly perspective, review articles and an extensive range of book reviews. The journal also publishes themed special issues, for which submissions are invited from guest editors.

La revue Modern and Contemporary France, fondée en 1980 par L’ASMCF (Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France), est une revue internationale qui a pour objet d’étude la France de 1789 à nos jours. La revue propose une approche interdisciplinaire, qui englobe des perspectives aussi diverses que l’histoire, la littérature, les médias, la culture, les sciences politiques et sociales.

Les éditeurs de la revue sollicitent en premier lieu des études sur la France contemporaine, ainsi que des articles à perspective comparatiste ou transnationale, et des contributions sur la place de la France dans le reste du monde. En dehors des articles et comptes rendus régulièrement publiés par Modern and Contemporary France, la revue permet aussi de publier des contributions sur des sujets d’actualité ainsi que des numéros spéciaux.

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